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The Aluminum Fence and Manufacturing Company was established in 1987, occupying a 4500 square foot facility in Struthers, Ohio and specializing in aluminum chain link fence, gates, fence accessories & barb wire. It has since grown to a 15,000 square foot facility and increased it's product line to include aluminum fabricated products and aluminum "picket" fence and gates. 

Aluminum Fence & Mfg. Co is a Struthers Ohio family owned and operated custom chain link and ornamental fence manufacturing company and a member of the AFA, American Fence Association for over 25 years. Originally specializing in aluminum chain link and fittings, and aluminum barb wire, the company’s product line has expanded to include aluminum ornamental gates and fences. Aluminum has many applications that are structural as well as decorative. By offering ornamental fence that is manufactured to detailed specifications, Aluminum Fence & Mfg. can accommodate your desire for any shape, style or color. 

In addition to offering safety and security, custom designs help maintain contemporary design requirements. As well as offering many design options, aluminum fences are durable and can be relied upon the harshest environments such as ocean front locations due to the corrosive nature of salty sea air. The rapid growth of aluminum fence is due to the corrosive resistance, pleasing appearance and minimal maintenance requirements. Since all our products have a quality powder coat finish, at our customers request, reduced maintenance costs will more than pay for the initial cost of the fence
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Based in Stuthers, OH, we serve clients throughout the midwest including Ohio and Pennsylvania, the East coast including Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Florida and Hawaii. If your location is not listed, call 800.451.2612
18 Jackson St.
Struthers, OH 44471

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